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Power Ginger 力量姜片

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Mondesa 选择的姜是来自天然无公害无农药种植的养生姜母,
能避开空气和水质污染问题的姜园获得Global Gap 认证,每年还要通过德国的专员稽查才能更新证件,和出口到新西兰和日本。

成熟的养生老姜母 - 提升体温,减暖疼痛,提高免疫力,退烧,消水肿, 瘦身, 降低胆固醇,清血,预防老化, 消毒杀菌,降低血压,提升肝功能,改善忧郁症,抑制呕吐,去胀气。

红糖 - 丰富的矿物质,补血。


Mondesa choose good quality and pesticide-free ginger from highland. These gingers come from ginger field is located at highlands in Thailand, where the temperature range at 26°C to 28°C. As the ginger cultivated are free from air and water pollution, the ginger field receives global GAP recognition every year. With this qualification and approval, the gingers can be exported to many countries like New Zealand and Japan! To ensure the good quality and nutrients, Mondesa uses ginger that are mature and 12 months old, together with the only brown sugar that are certified Halal. 

Mature ginger – helps to increase body temperature, relieve pain, improve immune system, relieve fever, reduce bloating, slimming, reduce cholesterol, blood cleansing, prevent aging, kills germ and bacteria, lowers blood pressure, improve liver function, prevent nausea and improve mood. 
Brown sugar – Rich in minerals, enriching blood

Suggested to consume 4 slices of Power Ginger every morning, before or after meal as snacks; or soak 4 slices of Power Ginger in hot water as ginger drink.

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