Do you want to look younger and healthier 5-10 years from your current age in just 3- 6 months? 

  • Just need to keep your colon clean & health. Mondesa specializes in colon care, we created a unique, high-quality & high-performance colon care product name Amico & Amante, they are convenient and affordable. Ingredients of Amico & Amante are source from 100% natural herbal and food with a lots of scientific study & testimony. 
  • Customer can purchase it easily from our Health Care Platform www.mondesa.com.my. Distributor are welcome to collaboration with Mondesa

Our Vision

MONDESA becomes an international health and non-toxic label. 

  • -We sincerely to make and recommend healthy natural foods. 
  • -Adhere to education and disseminate nutrition knowledge.
1st Mission
2nd Mission
3rd Mission
Helping people who are suffering from constipation and who are sick from obesity to save their health and family happiness.Helping 100 million people understand how to distinguish between natural foods and non-natural ones, and beware of the inputUnderstand detoxification and prevent diseases.

About Us

MONDESA is a health awareness platform,
1. [A Health Resources Integrated Platform]
-A platform for integration with nutritionist, beautician and all kind of soul, mind & body therapist resources.

2.[We Create Our Own Health Products]
 -A health care product that creates by Nutritionist
 -A health product and service that meets the requirements of a Nutritionist & Therapist. By selling the channel to collect big data.

3. [We Endorse Others Brand of Health Products]
 -Through the big data we collected, we are able to endorse and distribute any other brand of health products and services.

4.[A Label of Health and Non Toxin ]
 -End up MONDESA will become a International Label of Health and Non-Toxin for the product that is non-toxic, and the product's qualified health indicators.
 -When you see MONDESA endorsing it, you can use it with you with no hesitate and let MONDESA a group of nutritionists check it out for you.

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