Q1.Is Amico and Amante suitable for vegetarian?

  • For Amico yes, it is plant based. Amante contains collagen from marine sources, therefore it is not 100% vegetarian.

Q2.I am taking both Amico and Amante for the purpose of weight loss. So about how long or after how many boxes I will see the result?

  • We will advise you to follow the planned diet menu, which you can obtain from us, besides taking one pack of Amico and Amante each day, morning and night, respectively. During this detoxification process, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of carbs and sugar, drink enough water to maintain the body's moisture balance; eat clean, no fatty, greasy and cold food, and remember to avoid spicy and other irritants. 
  • You are advised to follow the regular three-meal dietary habits, because studies have shown that those who eat three meals regularly per day have a lower probability of gaining fat than those who eat only two meals or one meal daily. If combined with daily aerobic exercise, the effect will be more effective, yet it varies according to individual.
  • Following the correct routine will approximately loss 7kg weigh in three months’ time. However, body weight may maintain after reaching the 2nd and 3rd month. The true principle of weight loss is to remove body fats and visceral toxins, instead of weight reduction. Truth is that more than 70% of the human body is water and the body weight is mainly contributed by the body's moisture. The reduction of body fat increases the muscles, which this leads to weight maintenance or increase, because the muscles are heavier than body fats. 

Q3.My weight increases after taking Amico/Amante. Why this happens?

  • Similar theory as in Q2, the reduction of body fat increases the muscles, as muscles are heavier than body fats. Besides that, when the toxins are being excreted from the body, the gastrointestinal tract absorption will increase with the removal of toxins, allowing you to absorb the nutrients from foods and serves its health benefits, but need not to be over-concerned, as this is a short-term reaction. 
  • Amico and Amante series mainly focus on body detoxification. 
  • When the accumulated toxins in the body are being removed, this will promote the body's metabolism and help to decompose the body's bad fats. The body is then replenished with high nutrient dense foods required by the body to create a healthy body figure.

Q4.Can a lactose intolerance person take Amante? Does it contain lactose?

  • Amico and Amante does not contain any dairy products. However, they were made on equipment that also processes products that contains milk and lactose; hence it is not guaranteed 100% lactose-free.

Q5.I still feel hungry after taking Amante. Why this happens?

  • Most people consuming their breakfast in form of solid foods, where their body are not yet ready to adapt liquid form of breakfast/meal – this happens due to our brain, or mindset. At this moment just take Amante for 7 days continuously to let the body and brain adapt to liquid meal that it can be our breakfast. In addition, before taking Amante, tell yourself that “I ready for breakfast” and after drinking, “I already take my breakfast!”. Eventually your brain will know that “My owner has changed a breakfast!”
  • It might not be easy for people new to Amante to feel full after drinking. Within the 7 days in case if still hungry you can get the planned menu from us to help with, for e.g., eat 2 eggs, cucumber etc after or with Amante. 
  • Sometimes, our eating habits caused our stomach’s size to be enlarged, which leads to overeat. The original size of stomach is about the size of our fist. Taking Amico/Amante over some time will let the stomach gradually return to its original size, therefore this reduces overeating and keep the body weight in normal range, as well as to maintain a healthy immune system and metabolism.

Q6.Is Amante gluten free?

  • Yes, it is gluten free.

Q7.Can chronic kidney disease patient take both Amico and Amante? Will there be any side effects or burden for them?

  • Both Amico and Amante helps to regenerate the body cells and systems. However, referral to the patient’s doctor is necessary in order to know about the kidney’s condition, as well as on food ingredients to be avoided, especially for protein intake. (On the other hand, due to Amico and Amante’s adjunct therapy effects, through the iridology test we have found that individuals have their kidney along with reproductive function improved after taking both products.)

Q8.While taking both Amico/Amante, do I need to drink a lot of water for product to function?

  • We need to consume around 2-3 litres of water daily, so same as when you are taking Amico/Amante. There is no necessary to increase water uptake, but as long as keep hydrated throughout the days.

Q9.Can Amico be taken during period?

  • Yes, it can.

Q10.Amico is a detox product. Is Amico suitable for pregnant ladies and the breast-feedings?

  • If they are facing the problem of constipation or even diarrhea, it is recommended. 
  • Amico is considered a natural based colon rejuvenating product. Pregnant ladies and breast-feedings can consult healthcare professionals if have any concerns. 
  • The breast-feedings can take one sachet, after breast feeding, whereas for pregnant ladies they can start from half sachet. 
  • This is to prevent the uncomfortable experience by the pregnant lady. However, monitor of condition is necessary, and she can take one sachet if she able to adapt to the product. 

Q11.Must a person have "diarrhea" to show that the product is suitable or effective to him? Or how you evaluate its effective in detox?

  • Yes, especially for individuals new to Amico that never undergo any detoxification procedure or consume any detoxification products at all. This effect is normal as Amico contains probiotics and fibers to induce bowel movement, therefore it will cause the urge to go toilet. 
  • For individuals who taking other detox products, they might feel they release slightly more stools compared to other normal days, however, all these effects vary in different individuals based on their body condition. Individuals new to Amico are recommended to take half sachets on the first day and observe the effects for the following days. If he/she still uncomfortable with the diarrhea effect, stick to half sachet. He can begin to take one sachet when he starts to feel better or adapted to the product.

Q12.Why I have abdominal pain or cramps and frequent bowel movement after consuming Amico/Amante?

  • Both products contain high fiber, which is a great source of prebiotics. These prebiotics help the growth of probiotics in the body, eliminate harmful bacteria and improve the intestinal microenvironment. In addition, cassia seed extract also helps in body waste and toxins excretion.
  • If toxins accumulate, further build up in the body and are not discharged, this will lead to reabsorption and cause lots of health complications. These ingredients have the ability to flush the toxic content away from the intestines, so expect to visit the toilet often. Your stools may be softer too, due to the sudden change of your diet. Your gut bacteria need some time to adjust to the new food you are providing them.
  • Besides that, the removing of stubborn stool from your intestines can cause pain and cramps at your abdominal area due to prolong accumulation of stubborn stool in the intestine. 
  • During this cleansing period, it is important to stay hydrated and eat clean, and do take note that symptoms vary according to individual.

Q13.Amico is made of natural ingredients. Will Amico interacts with other any medicines, drugs or herbs?

  • There will no conflict with other drugs as Amico is made of all-natural ingredients. 
  • However, it is not advisable to take Amico together with drug; as drug when inside the body, it is considered a kind of toxin. 
  • Taking Amico at the same time will flush out the drugs out of body, same goes to the effect of drugs which is deactivated.

Q14.Can individual that drink wine for health purposes consume Amico/Amante?

  • This standard practice is recommended by all health practitioners: Consume such beverage with an interval time of 1 hour.

Q15.Amico is for night time use. How about and what will happen if it is taken daytime?

  • Liver undergo detoxification process at night time. Therefore, it is recommended to take Amico before sleep, and the colon will flush off the toxins in form of stools at morning of next day. 
  • Amico definitely will draw out the toxins from liver, the kidneys, and blood throughout night time and send them to the colon for excretion. 
  • For individuals with different sleeping time due to their work nature, no matter what time they sleep, they can take Amico before going to bed. 

Q16.Can I take more than one sachet of Amico/Amante?

  • Amico/Amante is high fiber content product. The colon unable to cope with to remove the stools out of body if taking too much fibers with inadequate water intake. Therefore, sufficient water intake is important. However, for individuals with abnormal colon function who take Amico for a certain period and found that Amico is not working as like in the beginning, they can take twice in a day which is one at morning and another one at night for temporary, and Amante is suggested for lunch time. Ensure adequate hydration, until they able to go toilet as normal. 
  • Amante’s nutritional properties is suitable to replace any of our daily three meals, therefore, an individual can drink more than one sachet of Amante daily. It is recommended for individuals that undergo instant slimming to take Amante for as breakfast and dinner. 

Q17.I have constipation after taking Amico/Amante. Why this happens?

  • The fiber content present in the product facilitates the digestive system that results in water reabsorption in large quantity in the body, which makes it difficult for the stool to be excreted, which is same theory as in Q16. 
  • The fiber swells after absorbing the water in the body, which this act like a gentle brush that brings out all the waste in the intestinal tract. And if water in this case is not consumed adequately, it will cause temporary defecation problems. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated during your cleanse.

Q18.Previously I have no constipation problems, but currently facing this symptom after consuming Amico/ Amante, why?

  • The frequency is not an absolute indicator of a normal defecation. Stool characteristics, color, odor, body's reaction and own feelings are the most important criteria. In fact, there are only 6 out of 10 adults that defecate once per day. Some individual defecates once every 3 to 4 days, and others defecate once per week, and yet they have a healthy body condition. 
  • This can be due to various factors; truth is your large intestine has been cleansed thoroughly and there are no any leftovers remained in the intestine. On the other hand, water and high fiber fruits and vegetables consumption is another important factor. 
  • In this case it is recommended to consume Amico once every 2 to 3 days, detoxify the body on a regular basis, in order to maintain a good health. This is important because the body will constantly produce new toxins every day and if it is not removed, it may lead to several health complications. If the symptoms persist, it is recommended to reduce the consumption dosage by half in order for the body to adapt.

Q19.After first few times of normal defecation, the stool becomes soft and at sometimes watery.

  • This is due to the high detoxification effect of the product that cleanses the intestines. Presence of loose stools after first few times of defecation is because the intestine has been cleansed thoroughly. It is important to stay hydrated during this period.

Q20.What is the reason of increased urine volume and frequency after consuming Amico/Amante?

  • This product helps the body to remove waste and excess water, reduces body edema and fluid retention in the body.

Q21.After taking Amante/Amico for 1-2 months, it is found out that I have body aches, discomfort or painful at certain body part, even though the painful part has been treated or recovered before. What actually has happened?

  • Amico/Amante promotes rejuvenating and detox effects not just only for colon health, but for other body parts as well. 
  • The pain is due to the healing effect after taking the product, where the accumulated toxins are excreted out and healing reaction occurred. 
  • Those who has been using painkiller or steroids for certain body part will also experience this symptom, as the drugs might cause numbness in the nervous system. 
  • Drugs, which considered as toxin in the body, will be excreted out from the body. The symptoms might persist for some days and will back to normal. Continue with Amante and Amico will help to improve the symptoms. 

Q22.What actually has happened if one individual has dizziness and nausea after taking Amico/Amante?

  • Both products promote body metabolism and facilitate the removal of body toxins.
  • This process, which is healing effect, can cause dizziness and nausea in certain individual which this is normal and temporary, because the body is dealing with large amount of toxins discharge.
  • During this detoxification process, allow the body some time to gradually adapt with the product in order for it to achieve its best effect. Bear in mind that to always stay hydrated during your cleanse.
  • If the symptoms persist, it is recommended to reduce the consumption dosage by half in order for the body to adapt.

Q23.Some people might encounter the issue of skin becomes sensitive, itchy and red after consuming Amico/Amante. Why?

  • It is normal to have skin dryness, redness and itchiness, this is because the product is facilitating the body to eliminate toxins out from the body. 
  • These toxins are not only limit and eliminated from the intestinal tract route, they are also discharged from the skin. After the body is used to products for a period of time, it will gradually be adapted by the body. 
  • These effects vary according to individual. Bear in mind that to always stay hydrated during your cleanse.

Q24.Will there be any acne breakouts after consuming Amico/Amante?

  • This varies according to individual. These are not just normal acne breakouts, they are known as the detox breakouts, which is a normal body reaction. However, as your body is expelling toxins through the skin (via sweating etc, same theory in Q23), it increases the toxin load through the pores which this may lead to breakouts. 
  • In addition, the fiber content present in the product facilitates the digestive system that results in water reabsorption in large quantity in the body. And if water in this case is not consumed adequately, it will cause this temporary body heaty symptom. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated during your cleanse. As part of healing effect, these reactions will go off when the modulating period is over.

Q25.It is possible after consuming Amico/Amante there will be sleeping difficulties?

  • This varies according to individual. This is due to the product helps in promoting and accelerating body's metabolism and blood circulation, excretes the body toxins out from the body, which this may result in sleeping difficulties. However, it is a temporary body healing reaction.

Q26.Why certain people having gastric pain after consuming Amico?

  • Due to the ‘sour’ properties of Amico, it will stimulate the secretion of stomach acid, which is uncomfortable for individuals with weaker stomach function. 
  • Therefore, it is advice to avoid taking on an empty stomach before going to bed. Consume Amico after small meals (such as meal replacement) in order to reduce this symptom. However, this doesn’t affect individuals with healthy stomach.

Q27.Why I having abdominal bloating and gas after consuming Amico/Amante?

  • Causes of abdominal bloating and gas are due to the built up of intestinal parasites like candida. These bacteria and parasites grow and release gas as their by-product causing human to have abdominal bloating and gas. 
  • Some individual began to have these symptoms only after a few days later, this has to do with the fact that the individual has a potential problem of having a poor digestive system.
  • Probiotic in Amico/Amante destroys intestinal parasites and bacteria, prevent them from building up, which this helps in alleviating abdominal bloating & gas.

Q28.Some people are having sore throat after consuming Amico/Amante, what is the cause?

  • The fiber content present in the product facilitates the digestive system that results in water reabsorption in large quantity in the body. And if water in this case is not consumed adequately, it will cause this temporary body heaty symptom. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated during your cleanse. These reactions will go off when the modulating period is over, however, this varies according to individual.

Q29.Can individuals with weak and cooling body consume Amico/Amante?

  • This product is suitable for both heaty or cooling body type individual, as it helps in eliminating body toxins, improves the immune system and overall body health and balancing the body's yin and yang. 
  • And when supplement with Amico/Amante, it is able to provide the body the required nutrients, balancing the body's yin and yang energy.

Q30.Can individual with high / low blood pressure consume Amico/Amante?

  • Amico/Amante help in regulating blood pressure. It can lower high blood pressure and return low blood pressure back to normal levels.

Q31.Will there be dependency after taking Amico?

  • Amico is a natural and healthy product, which is very helpful in regulating body functions and other aspects. 
  • Long-term use will not cause any side effects and dependencies. However, the effects may vary according to individual.

Q32.Can a patient consume Amico/Amante after his/her surgery?

  • After any type of surgery, the body's immune system will be suppressed and it will take some time before it fully recovers, varying from a few weeks to several months. 
  • During this period, the human body becomes sensitive and is very susceptible to infection. Therefore, it is recommended to consume Amico/Amante after your rehabilitation or 1 month after the surgery.

Q33.Amico/Amante contains probiotics. Can somebody on antibiotic takes Amico/Amante?

  • In fact, individuals who taking antibiotics should supplemented with probiotics. 
  • Although antibiotics mainly targeted for harmful bacteria, but it will also affect the probiotics in the gut. 
  • Therefore, it is suggested to take antibiotics first, and only drink Amico/Amante after 3 hours.


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