ECH Program

  • The concept of health and wellness, where: E for examination, C for Cleanse (Colon cleansing and detox) and H for Healing.

ECH Program
E - ExaminationC - Cleanse (Colon cleansing and detox)H - Healing
E代表Examination (检查)检查
C代表Cleanse (清肠
( 疗愈)

-一个符合现代人的养生保健必须是 简单和方便 。

  • 第一步,通过虹膜检测,了解身体脏器功能强和弱。 

  • 第二步,清肠排毒。  

  • 第三步, 针对细胞疗愈。 

  • 第四步,每三个月重复第一步到第四步。

  • What is ECH Program (Examination-Cleanse-Heal concept of health & wellness)?

  • An effective health care method that meets the needs of modern people and living must be simple and convenient. First step, through the iridology test, from there can know whether the body's organ function is strong or weak. The second step is to cleanse the colon and detoxify the body. The third step is for cell healing. For 4th step, just repeat from step 1 to 4, for every three months.

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