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Iridology Examinations 虹膜检测

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Iridology Health Consultation

#Iridology Examinations 虹膜检测 for 4 person RM 20

  1. Colon Condition (Clean to Dirty) 结肠状况(从干净到脏)
  2. Body Acidity (Normal to very Acid) 身体酸度(正常至极酸性)
  3. Stress (Normal to very Stress) 压力(正常到非常压力)
  4. Blood Circulation System  血液循环系统
  5. Stomach / Gastric  胃
  6. Hormonal Imbalance 荷尔蒙失调
  7. Body Organ 身体器官
  8. Leg Joint 腿关节
  9. Feminine Problem 女性问题
  10. Urinary System 泌尿系统
  11. Immune System  免疫系统

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