ReBuild your Immune against Respiratory CoronaVirus 2019-2020

Virus are non-living self-replicating DNA or RNA that steals our living cells’ components to copy themselves for no purpose. For their lacking of living nature, antibacterial and antifungal drugs do not ‘kill’ virus.

Elimination of virus from human body strongly relies on our own white blood cells, antibodies, and water. Typical viral infection manifest diarrhea as common symptom. This is because our body react to ‘washout’ the virus through dehydration.

Therefore drinking of plentiful water is very effective for recovery upon infection. Noting worth evidence in a Wuhan Plague Patient from JiangXi, China (30 Jan 2020) who recovered in a week by drinking about 25 Litres of water daily.

Coronavirus can be restricted forefront by maintaining lungs and guts mucosa integrity, and reducing toxin accumulation for more competent immune system.

Structural macronutrients (collagen, betaglucans, and omega 3 fatty acid), vitamins (carotene, B complexes, C, and Lecithin), liver and kidney tonics (Phyllantus niuri, dandelion, milk thistle, turmerics, ginger, cassia seed, konjac), probiotics (Bifidobacterium longum), antioxidants, and colloidal fibres are especially important ‘First Barrier of Defense’ to keep ‘nothing happened’ before a real onset of viral disease.

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